Castor Oil

Castor Oil

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Castor Oil

Castor oil derived from the seeds of the herbaceous plant castor contains;

3-4% Oleic acid 

90%  Ricinoleic acid

1-5% Linoleic acid 

INCI name- RICINUS COMMUNIS (castor) oil.


•Effective emollient leaves the skin soft,smooth.

•Good hair conditioner making the hair look nourished and shiny.

•Widely used as moisturizer and lubricant in lip care products to add shine and luster.

Applications- Creams,lotions,hair care products,sun care,lip care products.

Country of origin- India 

Raw material source- Ricinus communis beans.

Manufacture- cold pressed from ricinus communism beans.

Animal testing- not animal tested

GMO(genetically modified organism)- Not tested for GMO but unlikely to contain GMOs.

Vegan - Yes

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