Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil

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Avocado Oil

Avocado oil derived from the seeds of avocado contains;

55-75% Oleic acid 

12%-24% palmitic acid

8%-%15 Linoleic acid

3.5% Stearic acid 

INCI name- PRESEA GRATISSIMA(avocado) oil.


•Nourishing oil for skin and hair care .

•Particularly high content of vitamins A,B,D and E and essential fatty acids.

•Moisturizes and softens skin and hair.

•Well suited for dry skin,dry hair and damaged hair


Creams,serums,lotions,hair care products,sun care,lip care products.

Country of origin- Kenya,South Africa.

Raw material source- Avocado seeds.

Manufacture- cold pressed from avocado seeds.

Animal testing- not animal tested

GMO(genetically modified organism)- Not tested for GMO but unlikely to contain GMOs.

Vegan - Does not contain animal-derived components.

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